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Our Process

Interested in selling your property? Here is what to expect.

Initial Call 

On our initial call we will gather the basics of the property. This includes: size, unit count, unit size breakdown, gross income, current occupancy.

Initial Review

We will review these numbers from a high level and see if its something that might be a win-win transaction.

Property Visit

If feasible we will come meet you in person to do a walk through of the property. If not we will ask for a virtual Face-Time tour. We will also collect past financials required for financing at this time.

Further Review

Having seen the property, we will review our initial assessment and confirm with you the data we have.

Letter of Intent

With the information we have gathered, we are now able to present you with an offer on the facility. We will give you a Letter of Intent outlining the offer.

Purchase Agreement

Once the Letter of Intent and general terms are agreed upon we will put together a purchase agreement. This spells out all the nitty gritty and legal details.

Title Work

We will order the title search for the property.

The title company will handle the closing process.


The bank will have a list of items they will need in order to review the property. They will also need physical access to completed an appraisal. (This step is skipped during our cash transactions)


Congratulations! We've made it and now it's time for you to get paid. Closing will happen at the title company and we will take possession of the property that day.


- Michelle, Seller
“MREI sent me a letter and I am so glad I called them. They ended up buying 2 of my properties and were very fair.”  
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